Casino Terminology

Casinos games can be daunting, even to the most skillful players, but even worse if you are in the process of learning the game. Not only are there many games, which might be confusing to learn, but most new players also have to live with the fact that seasoned players, and dealers, speak an entirely “different language.” However, if you understand the basic terminologies used in casinos, you’ll have these words rolling off your tongue.

This write-up shares some commonly used casino terms that any player needs to know, and use, on a daily basis. The list is indeed not exhaustive, but the compilation here is enough to get you started.

  • Wager: This is essentially any bet made in a casino. Most casinos have some wagering requirements, which refers to the amount of money that needs to be staked before one is allowed to cash out or withdraw from their account

  • Bankroll: This is the full amount of money a player has for gambling. It is also known as the account balance. The wager can be a fraction of the entire amount of your bankroll, or the whole amount, depending on the terms and conditions of the game

  • Croupier: Also known as the dealer, this term refers to an employee of the casino in charge of live casino games like poker, slots, baccarat, and the blackjack among others

  • Chips: Tokens used by casinos to represent some amount of cash. Different chips come in various denominations

  • Comp Points: These points are earned every time one plays in a casino. The points can be traded with chips. They are an incentive used to make the player stay longer at the casino, and also improve their chances of winning

  • Double Bet: A bet with a similar value to an initial bet. This essentially means that the player doubles the initial bid, and both stakes either win or lose together

  • House Edge: This refers to the built-advantage of the casino over the players. This is essentially what keeps the casino operational

  • Overlay: A bet in which a player has the edge over the casino. On the other hand, an underlay is a situation where the odds of winning seem to be against the player

  • Progressive Jackpot: A cumulative prize that keeps increasing every time a player plays. This term can be used interchangeably with the jackpot, which is the most significant amount that can be won at a casino

  • Payout Percentage: This is the approximate amount that is paid by a casino, and is expressed as a percentage

  • Whale: This term is associated with high rollers who can affect the business of the casino just by themselves. On the other hand, the casino expects to make serious money from them

  • Expected Value: This refers to a return a player hopes to get over the long term after a bet has been placed

There is a lot to learn as far as casino terms are concerned. The terms shared here are somewhat general, and not specific to particular casino games.