Best Casino Bonuses in Kenya

When looking for a new casino, you should look for the best bonuses for new players. Luckily, we have done the job for you. Look below for the best bonuses in Kenya right now.

Best Casino Bonuses October 2018

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50 Free Spins



1000kr Bonus



Up to 100
Free Spins

A Closer Look at Casino Bonuses for Kenyan Gamblers

Kenyans are among the most passionate casino players in Africa. With technological advances redefining the online gaming space, tons of global casinos continue to open their doors to Kenyan gamblers. As they flock to the Kenyan market, players from this part of the world enjoy a vast variety of options. The competition also means that online casinos have to entice players with lucrative bonuses.

Best Casino Bonus Kenya

Types of Casino Bonuses for Kenyan Players

The opportunity to enjoy your favorite casino game, and earn free cash, can be enticing in many ways. In light of this, casino operators in Kenya offer special incentives to attract, and keep, new players. Here are some popular casino bonuses enjoyed by Kenyan players.

Signup Bonuses

This type of bonus is used to welcome new players into the website. In most cases, signup bonuses are awarded automatically. Based on deposit requirements, signup bonuses can be classified as:

  • No Deposit Bonus: This bonus is added to players after completing the registration process. Common types of types of no deposit casino bonuses include free spins, free play, and cash bonuses


  • Deposit Bonuses: These bonuses are given to players after they deposit money into the account for the first time. The amount deposited should be equal to or more than the minimum bet


Recurrent Bonuses

Recurrent bonuses are meant to build customer loyalty. They are used to give players a real chance to keep playing at the casino. Here are some types of recurrent bonuses available for online players:

  • Reload Bonus: Reload bonuses, also known as match bonuses, is a token appreciation extended to online casino players. Most online casinos reward players by adding a percentage of their deposit amount to their bankroll


  • Loyalty Bonus: This is a unique type of bonus compared to other rewards. These bonuses are offered to loyal customers, who have consistently been active for a long time. A point-based system is used to determine who gets what, and who doesn’t


  • High Roller Bonuses: High roller bonuses are essential promotions targeted at players who make large deposits. Not only do they win more, but they also have the luxury of suffering significant losses, and this bonus is an incentive that cushions them from the worst case scenarios


  • Preferred Payment Bonus: This bonus is offered to players who use specific payment methods. It is meant to encourage other players into the preferred payment method. Some preferred payment methods available to Kenyans are usually e-Wallets like Skrill, bank transfers, or mobile payment methods like M-Pesa


  • Refer a Friend Bonus: This bonus is offered to players who make an effort of welcoming their friends to join them at the online casino. Most casinos require your referral to sign-up, and deposit, for you to get the bonus

Casino Bonus Tips

Most online casino players often fall short in their understanding of the bonuses. The most critical step to getting maximum rewards is to play by the rules. Here are some essential casino bonus tips, that will help you stretch your bankroll further.

  • Check the Bonus Amount and Upper Limit: Taking the bonus amount, and the corresponding percentage bonus, should be the first thing to do. This serves to help you determine the optimal deposit amount


  • Review Wagering Requirements: It is essential that you understand the wagering requirements. Bonus money always needs to be wagered, before it can be withdrawn. As a tip, look at the number of games that contribute to the wagering requirements


  • Don’t Abuse Bonuses: The generosity of any casino should never be taken for granted. Be modest in how you use the bonus. Check the terms and conditions, as most casinos have maximum stake limits to guard against this


  • Don’t Just Play for the Bonus: Most casino players are drawn to casinos by their bonus amounts. What they fail to know, is that there are always some terms and conditions. Bonuses are essential, but it is imperative to look beyond the bonus. The safety, and reliability, of the casino, are even more important